Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introducing Entity Framework

Very nice slides that explains what is Entity framework, how it works, and different features it provides with respect to database and application level.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cooking ROM for HTC Touch cellphones [tested on HTC Mega or touch2]

Hi, i recently cooked Rom for HTC touch Mega, as the phone i got was in Swedish, so wanted to have an English version and the only solution i found was the cook ROM. After successful cooking i feel like sharing, so here it is :).

I am pretty sure that this will work for other HTC cellphones as well, but don't trust me on this one :P

So basically there are 5 very easy steps as follow:

1) Download the European version of the ROM for your cellphone that is openly available over the web. The best source for those ROM files are ofcourse XDA and htc-phones sources. [Remember that the Rom that you are downloading is not Cooked. we will cook it later :) ]. However here is the direct link for the latest eurpeon rom for HTC mega

Download the European ROM for HTC Touch Mega

2) Good :) , the next step is to hardSPL your Phone. Yeah HardSPL is a fuc***g scary word, so to make it simple, its just allows you to put the new English ROM that you downloaded to your cellphone :D .. [Flashes your current Rom with the new one :P]

here is the link to download the hardspl for htc mega:

Download HardSPL for HTC touch Mega

After dowloading it, here are the instruction you need to follow:
a. connect your MEGA with your PC by USB cable and boot into Windows Mobile
b. wait until ActiveSync is ready (icon green)
c. run "flash-hardspl.bat" to flash the HardSPL. It will create a backup of your current SPL
(called "spl-backup.bin") and creates a file "check.bin" in subdirectory "1" (for diagnostic purposes)
d. the phone will be rebooted automatically
e.Now your phone is ready to load up the new English ROM :)

3) Now is the time to Cook the ROM. the Eupean or english rom you downloaded in the first step is bad bad bad and not cooked. So before you put the ROM to the cellphone its needs to get cooked. You can either put it in an Oven or there is a better easy way :P.. For cooking the Rom you need another Software (ahh..Not again...) called as Kitchen. here is the download link:

Kitchen For HTC touch Mega

 its a pretty easy and simple app and you can find the usage guide here:


Once you have cooked the ROM file, a cooked ROM will be generated having an extension .NBL

4) Congratulation, you are a good cook. Now that the ROM is cooked, you just need to put it in the phone using an application called custom rom flasher.

here is the link to download it:

Custom Rom Flasher for HTC touch Mega

After downloading run the romupdateutility.exe to dump the cooked rom to phone.

*remember to put the cooked rom file (.NBL) to the custom ROM flasher root directory before running romupdateutility.exe file.


Thats all, Just restart your cellphone, the first restart will be a lazy one, as it will be installing some stuff. IF you get stucked during installation, Put comments on this post, I will try to reply ASAP. :)

Happy day!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

retreiving user information over DotNetNuke CMS

There is a property called UserInfo on the base class your module should be inherting.(DotNetNuke.Entities.Modules.PortalModuleBase). UserInfo has the details your after. So you could use (this|me).UserInfo.UserID, or if you don't need the extra details involved in the UserInfo object you could also use (this|me).UserId as well.

Forgive the C# below, if you need a vb version and C# is totally off the wall to you let me know and I will list that as well. Anyway, To load a userinfo up from an ID you have or have stored stored somewhere like the db =), you can get the details of them like so...

DotNetNuke.Entities.Users.UserController oUserController = new DotNetNuke.Entities.Users.UserController();

DotNetNuke.Entities.Users.UserInfo oUserInfo = oUserController.GetUser(this.PortalId, iSomeUserID);

oUserController = null;

//Set Some Label or textbox.Text of the username

txtSomeTxtBox.Text = oUserInfo.Username;


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hide custom CCK feild in a node and make it visible in view

Drupal Tip CCK Hide Node Show View
Drupal Tip: Hide CCK Field on Node, but Display in View
I had a need to do something on our Drupal site today and couldn't find the answer on the web, so I thought that I'd post the solution I found. I suppose it is so simple, it wasn't on the forums, but it seems like many people have asked this question before and been led down many paths.

Scenario: How do I display a CCK field in a View, but hide the field on the actual node?
Seems simple right? Well, if you look on the web, most answers tell you to use permissions to hide the field. That won't work, because you want to display it in one place for a user in not display somewhere else, for the same user.

I'm fairly new to Drupal, so I presume that this was difficult at one point, given the solutions I found when people asked this question running Drupal 5.x. However, it is fairly easy now in Drupal 6.

Solution: Set the field to "hidden" for Node and "default" for the teaser
1. In the Administration Menu, go to Edit Content Type > Select your Content Type.

2. Then go to Display Fields

3. Next to the field you are working with, under Full Node, set the drop down box to "Hidden"

See Image:

And there you go. Now the CCK field will be available in your views and panels, but will not show up in your Node. And all without permissions, computable fields, or any complicated logic.

Drupal Tip Summary
Sometimes you might want to create a field using CCK, and use the field for a view. However, you might also need this field to not show on your node, so you need to "hide" it on the node while leaving it accessible for all other uses.

If you have any questions or would like to see a specific issue discussed, let us know by posting a comment or by contacting us.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Windows 7, Vista Startup problem. Desktop wont show up after login??

after getting logging in windows xp, vista or seven the desktop doesnt comes up :(

Explorer wont show up when computer is turned on?

Here is the solution.

Copy the below registry changes in a textfile and save a file as name.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

After saving the file, double the file and run it. It will ask to add the values to the registry. Click Yes and thats IT, Bravooo :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Iphone, Ipod touch Upgrade and jail break

"APPLE SUCKS", thats exactly what i used to say before buying apple iphone, and guess what, my moto is still the same but with a slight difference that is "MAC Sucks :P". So Iphone or ipod touch is basically a nice product of Apple, its more like a must have thing. The first little experimentation that i did with my iphone after doing some touch glitches and touch scrolling was the jailbreak :P as i heard a lot about it, So Lets go straight to the point, the upgrading of firmware and the jailbreak.

Well, upgrading of the firmware is not really a part of the jailbreak step but it is highly recommended to upgrade the firmware. The best fitted firmware so far is the version 3.1.2 that is stable and reliable and works pretty much smooth. So starting with the upgrading of the firmware here are the steps:

Upgrading the Firmware

1) connect the device to your crappy computer and download the 3.1.2 version of (iphone or ipod Whatever you have) from the website http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/

(make sure that you are using firefox browser to download the firmware. the file extension will be .ipsw. (store it anywhere, may be desktop))

2) OK, good, now open up the itunes software that you have in your computer, And on itune you can see that your device is connected. Click on the Connected device on your computer and hold shift and click restore button on your right side, select the downloaded file.

3) Now is the hard part, that is WAITING!!! yeahh... Itunes will load up the new firmware, but will take time like 2 or 3 minutes. Grab yourself a bear in the meanwhile. Once done The Phone will restart and you have the latest firmware there on your cellphone..yuhuuuu!!!!

Jailbreaking the phone

1) Download a software called blackrain from the website http://blackra1n.com/ and run it, while your device is connected to the computer.

2) Click on the single Button that you see, and wait again..it do usual loadings and restarts...let it do..

3) After restart your device is now jailbroken. Hurrahh...

See the video tutorial below

Sunday, December 6, 2009

how to stop Illegal File sharing in p2p networks

NextPeer project aims to provide a solution to the numerous problems that we are facing in Peer to peer content sharing, some of them are:

• Illegal File sharing on P2P network.
• No Business for Content Provider.
• Copyright Infringements.
• No track of users.

NextPeer basically consists of two main organizational affiliations, KTH and DACC. The aim of KTH is to stimulate more research and development by the integration of their ACS module and stitching module where as the aim of DACC is to integrate their payment system module and start to get business out of the project. At the end of the project duration we expect to develop a system for peer to peer content sharing that supports full access control of the content along with a very sophisticated payment system. The successful completion of this project will not only lead us to get good grades in CSD course, but will also give a space for further research and development in the respective field.

Some of the major features that our solution provides are :

Dynamic Video Stitching

Dynamic video stitching allows the stitching of the advertisements along with the video content so that if the user downloads the exclusive content from the p2p network and has not done any payment for content, the advertisements can be played at specific ad points that are defined by the producer of the content. The advertisements that are played are based on location and zip code, so each user over a p2p network gets country specific advertisements.

Creation of Exclusive content torrents

For creation of the Torrents file our platform supports Tribler (http://tribler.org) that is an open source peer to peer client with various features for watching video online. We have enhanced and modified the tribler so that the exclusive video torrents can be created and injected into the p2p network, Once the consumer or the end user downloads that specific video, the software prompts the user to either watch the video with advertisement or pay for the content to watch without advertisements.

Payment for the content
We have integrated a very intelligent payment system along with the p2p network that basically provides the ability to the system to perform the payment for the exclusive content. The user pays for the content and watches the desired video with no advertisements.


To improve our business model and making the system more profitable and revenue generating, we have implemented subscription as our primary business model. There are many types of subscription supported by our system. The platform developed is very flexible and more business models can be adopted with further research and development.

For more information about the product please visit our website:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Newbie’s Guide to Installing DotNetNuke

A Newbie’s Guide to Installing DotNetNuke

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SQL Server Setup failed to obtain system account information for the ASPNET account.


Upgrade from a production win 2000 server to win 2003.Installing: MSSQL Server Standard Edition 2005 (although enterprise will almost certainly behave the same way)Identical Error message as the original poster detailed:SQL Server Setup failed to obtain system account information for the ASPNET account. To proceed, reinstall the .NET Framework, and then run SQL Server Setup again.

Solution 1:

A previously installed website app had reconfigured IIS to run in "IIS 5.0 isolation mode"The default for IIS 6.0 is to be running in "worker process isolation mode"Go to Start>Programs>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services ManagerRight click the "web sites" folder and select propertiesselect the "service" tab and under the "isolation mode" header - CLEAR the checkbox "Run WWW service in IIS 5.0 isolation mode"If this is your problem - Removing and replacing the IIS services from add remove programs WILL NOT fix it - the configuration for the IIS server remains intact (although you will likely accidentally blow up an exchange server if its on the same machine because you'll likely accidentally remove the SMTP service which is under the web server)More Explicit instructions on how to change the mode in the following Technet Article:http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/WindowsServer2003/Library/IIS/ed3c22ba-39fc-4332-bdb7-a0d9c76e4355.mspxIf you can't locate it at that link anymore - search for the following headings:IIS 6.0 Documentation > IIS 6.0 Operations Guide > Server Administration Guide > Configuring Servers for ApplicationsConfiguring Isolation Modes (IIS 6.0)

Solution 2:

like in my case, if the above solution doesnt work it out, we will have to enable the aspnet .netframework user. here is the link to the solution


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ICT venture creation Course: My Business idea

Before actually starting my Business idea that i proposed for my course ICT venture creation, First i would like to tell the world out that how Entrepreneurship is important and how it can change the world. i would say that a single video gives the answer to all these questions.

here it is :


Our product is an online money advisor that tracks expenditures, aggregates data from multiple bank accounts and credit cards, builds saving plans, calculates taxes, and provides advisory on how to increase your balance. Its special feature is that it collaborates with your bank(s) and securely receives a copy of your transactions. Thus you don’t need to enter your expenses manually, or to keep track of multiple bank accounts and credit cards to know the health of your economy.
In brief, this product is a 24/7 “teller” for all your accounts, it is a full-time accountant analyzing your balance and calculating your taxes, it is a handy “piggy-bank” financing your projects, and is also an economic advisor informing you of investment options, bank rates, assets values…

Customer value
With more and more people suffering from the impacts of worldwide financial crisis, this service assists users with managing their money and building a solid financial ground for their household.
The service will be exclusive for Sweden as it has to follow the countries laws and regulations, and needs to collaborate with local banks. The service is intended for all people who have an income or any sort of revenue starting the age of 16. However, blogs, seminars, courses, and other forms of advisory will be available on the website with no age restriction on the viewer. The reason behind it is to encourage and promote education on money management and to prepare young teenagers for their adult responsibilities.
The service will be available online which gives the users the ability to check their accounts and access their advisor anytime and anywhere. The webpage will be also available for mobile devices or PDAs. In addition, the user will not have to do long data entries as the information about his/her accounts and transactions will be automatically gathered from the respective bank.

Market Size
In Sweden, 73% of all private bank customers use online banking[1]. Knowing there are about 3 million Swedes between the ages of 15 and 64[2], and assuming that they all have bank accounts, our service will primarily target those users that are already accustomed and familiar with online banking. Thus, we can estimate our target market size to be around 2 million users.

Unique selling point
All you need to know about your money in one place, at one time.
Revenue model
As a preliminary revenue model, the service will be free of charge for the users. Revenue will be instead generated from advertisement of banks and financial institutions as money placement options and investment options. A monthly fee will be charged on those parties.

There are several software that provide some of the features offered by (), mainly in terms of economy management, asset inventory, tax estimation… Among those competitors the following have captured our interest:

§ Mamut Home­: it is a British software available in Swedish version, that acts as a household manager by allowing families to manage their assets, expenses, loans, savings and other financial data. It has also features like travel planner, diet manager, shopping list generator… The software has a limited free edition and a standard edition that costs 38£. The strength of this software is its full coverage of all household aspects and its assistance in more than financial issues (diet, shopping lists…). However, its weakness is that the data has to be manually inserted by the users, which can be tedious when the family has large amounts of data, and which is inconvenient because of the chances of omitting or confusing certain information.

§ Din bokföring: is a Swedish online service which provides estimates for your taxes, interest rates, loans, rentals and many others. The service covers a part of the features provided by our product, as it does not hold any information about the user data or performs analysis on it.

More competitors are expected to be encountered throughout the project, and will be analyzed and presented at later stages.

[1] Source: Finanssektorns betydelse för Sverige, Finansplats Stockholm http://www.finansplatsstockholm.se/

[2] Source: CIA World Factbook, https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/

Monday, January 26, 2009

fetching user profile information of aspnet users database in dotnetnuke

well for this purpose we need to have a function that fetches the required information from the database tables and then we need views where we can actually execute the function to bring the required records.

=======function (used to access user profile property values)

ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_GetProfilePropertyValue]
@UserID as Int,
@ProfilePropertyName AS NVARCHAR(100)
-- If input is invalid, return null.
OR LEN(@UserID) = 0
OR @ProfilePropertyName IS NULL
OR LEN(@ProfilePropertyName) = 0

SELECT @PPValue = dbo.UserProfile.PropertyValue
dbo.ProfilePropertyDefinition INNER JOIN
dbo.UserProfile ON dbo.ProfilePropertyDefinition.PropertyDefinitionID = dbo.UserProfile.PropertyDefinitionID
WHERE (dbo.ProfilePropertyDefinition.PropertyName = @ProfilePropertyName) AND (dbo.UserProfile.UserID = @UserID)
Return @PPValue


View (where the above mentioned function is used to get the required information)

SELECT dbo.Users.UserID, dbo.Users.Username, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'FirstName') AS FirstName, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'LastName') AS LastName, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'Company') AS Company, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'MyPhoto') AS MyPhoto, dbo.Users.Email, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'Telephone') AS Telephone, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'Street') AS Street, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'City') AS City, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'PostalCode') AS PostalCode, dbo.fn_GetProfilePropertyValue(dbo.Users.UserID, N'Country') AS CountryFROM dbo.Users INNER JOIN dbo.vuRSA ON dbo.vuRSA.UserID = dbo.Users.UserID

Conrolling/accessing detailview columns in asp.net and detailview parameters by navigate url

hi..this is the peice of code that actually fetches the information from specific columns/cells of detailview

Dim obj As New Valuation.ValuationController
Dim obj2 As New RSAInfo.RSAInfoController
Me.lblmessage.Text = obj.GetValuationUsers(Flat).Count
Me.DetailsView1.DataSource = obj2.GetValuationUsers(Flat)
' in below code the test variable actually captures the data from 8th row and cell 1
test = Me.DetailsView1.Rows(8).Cells(1).Text.ToString
' this is how we hide rows of a detail view
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(4).Visible = False
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(5).Visible = False
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(6).Visible = False
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(7).Visible = False
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(8).Visible = False
and finally passing parameter from detailview through navigateurl
Me.HyperLink1.NavigateUrl = "http://localhost/dotnetnuke_2/khiz/khizer/rsaDetails/tabid/86/Default.aspx?uid=" & test