Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cooking ROM for HTC Touch cellphones [tested on HTC Mega or touch2]

Hi, i recently cooked Rom for HTC touch Mega, as the phone i got was in Swedish, so wanted to have an English version and the only solution i found was the cook ROM. After successful cooking i feel like sharing, so here it is :).

I am pretty sure that this will work for other HTC cellphones as well, but don't trust me on this one :P

So basically there are 5 very easy steps as follow:

1) Download the European version of the ROM for your cellphone that is openly available over the web. The best source for those ROM files are ofcourse XDA and htc-phones sources. [Remember that the Rom that you are downloading is not Cooked. we will cook it later :) ]. However here is the direct link for the latest eurpeon rom for HTC mega

Download the European ROM for HTC Touch Mega

2) Good :) , the next step is to hardSPL your Phone. Yeah HardSPL is a fuc***g scary word, so to make it simple, its just allows you to put the new English ROM that you downloaded to your cellphone :D .. [Flashes your current Rom with the new one :P]

here is the link to download the hardspl for htc mega:

Download HardSPL for HTC touch Mega

After dowloading it, here are the instruction you need to follow:
a. connect your MEGA with your PC by USB cable and boot into Windows Mobile
b. wait until ActiveSync is ready (icon green)
c. run "flash-hardspl.bat" to flash the HardSPL. It will create a backup of your current SPL
(called "spl-backup.bin") and creates a file "check.bin" in subdirectory "1" (for diagnostic purposes)
d. the phone will be rebooted automatically
e.Now your phone is ready to load up the new English ROM :)

3) Now is the time to Cook the ROM. the Eupean or english rom you downloaded in the first step is bad bad bad and not cooked. So before you put the ROM to the cellphone its needs to get cooked. You can either put it in an Oven or there is a better easy way :P.. For cooking the Rom you need another Software (ahh..Not again...) called as Kitchen. here is the download link:

Kitchen For HTC touch Mega

 its a pretty easy and simple app and you can find the usage guide here:

Once you have cooked the ROM file, a cooked ROM will be generated having an extension .NBL

4) Congratulation, you are a good cook. Now that the ROM is cooked, you just need to put it in the phone using an application called custom rom flasher.

here is the link to download it:

Custom Rom Flasher for HTC touch Mega

After downloading run the romupdateutility.exe to dump the cooked rom to phone.

*remember to put the cooked rom file (.NBL) to the custom ROM flasher root directory before running romupdateutility.exe file.


Thats all, Just restart your cellphone, the first restart will be a lazy one, as it will be installing some stuff. IF you get stucked during installation, Put comments on this post, I will try to reply ASAP. :)

Happy day!!!!


  1. Thanks, good sharing, works fine on my htc touch2 aswell

  2. He man got any version for Mexico?