Sunday, December 6, 2009

how to stop Illegal File sharing in p2p networks

NextPeer project aims to provide a solution to the numerous problems that we are facing in Peer to peer content sharing, some of them are:

• Illegal File sharing on P2P network.
• No Business for Content Provider.
• Copyright Infringements.
• No track of users.

NextPeer basically consists of two main organizational affiliations, KTH and DACC. The aim of KTH is to stimulate more research and development by the integration of their ACS module and stitching module where as the aim of DACC is to integrate their payment system module and start to get business out of the project. At the end of the project duration we expect to develop a system for peer to peer content sharing that supports full access control of the content along with a very sophisticated payment system. The successful completion of this project will not only lead us to get good grades in CSD course, but will also give a space for further research and development in the respective field.

Some of the major features that our solution provides are :

Dynamic Video Stitching

Dynamic video stitching allows the stitching of the advertisements along with the video content so that if the user downloads the exclusive content from the p2p network and has not done any payment for content, the advertisements can be played at specific ad points that are defined by the producer of the content. The advertisements that are played are based on location and zip code, so each user over a p2p network gets country specific advertisements.

Creation of Exclusive content torrents

For creation of the Torrents file our platform supports Tribler ( that is an open source peer to peer client with various features for watching video online. We have enhanced and modified the tribler so that the exclusive video torrents can be created and injected into the p2p network, Once the consumer or the end user downloads that specific video, the software prompts the user to either watch the video with advertisement or pay for the content to watch without advertisements.

Payment for the content
We have integrated a very intelligent payment system along with the p2p network that basically provides the ability to the system to perform the payment for the exclusive content. The user pays for the content and watches the desired video with no advertisements.


To improve our business model and making the system more profitable and revenue generating, we have implemented subscription as our primary business model. There are many types of subscription supported by our system. The platform developed is very flexible and more business models can be adopted with further research and development.

For more information about the product please visit our website:

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