Monday, January 26, 2009

Conrolling/accessing detailview columns in and detailview parameters by navigate url

hi..this is the peice of code that actually fetches the information from specific columns/cells of detailview

Dim obj As New Valuation.ValuationController
Dim obj2 As New RSAInfo.RSAInfoController
Me.lblmessage.Text = obj.GetValuationUsers(Flat).Count
Me.DetailsView1.DataSource = obj2.GetValuationUsers(Flat)
' in below code the test variable actually captures the data from 8th row and cell 1
test = Me.DetailsView1.Rows(8).Cells(1).Text.ToString
' this is how we hide rows of a detail view
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(4).Visible = False
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(5).Visible = False
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(6).Visible = False
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(7).Visible = False
Me.DetailsView1.Rows(8).Visible = False
and finally passing parameter from detailview through navigateurl
Me.HyperLink1.NavigateUrl = "http://localhost/dotnetnuke_2/khiz/khizer/rsaDetails/tabid/86/Default.aspx?uid=" & test


  1. the test variable actually captures the datafrom detailview that acts as a parameter for a specific url in navigateurl

  2. So????? whatto do with it???? I just couldn't get the purpose of the post........Please provide information over it.